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Feel free to get in touch with us, we are always open to discussing new projects, creative ideas or opportunities. We are specialized in AR and VR development.



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NipsApp Gaming Software company’s services are mainly focused on virtual reality or VR development and augmented reality or AR. The company creates top-tier graphics for games & Apps. Several high-quality games and apps have been launched by our well-experienced VR developers so far which support a wide range of virtual reality hardware from Oculus to Samsung Gear to HTC Vive.

NipsApp Gaming Software Private Limited is a mobile application and VR game development company in India that provides numerous services and products for game and app developers.

Virtual Reality game development/gaming or VR gaming for short became a booming concept right from the very start of the previous decade and is still gaining popularity as we speak. NipsApp works in every major area of game development. We have been providing a wide array of services from art production to third-party development for the last few decades. 

NipsApp delivers exceptional results with on-time and on-budget creative execution. Using Revolutionary Technologies like UNITY 3d, UNREAL, Virtual reality, Augmented Reality and Multiplayer for iPhone, iPad, Android, Desktops.


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