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Current Openings

Blockchain Developer

Hiring Blockchain Developer – Full Stack Blockchain Development

Game Programmer

Hiring Experienced Senior Unity3d & Unreal Developers

AI Developer

Statistics, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence Technologies


“At NipsApp, we are the pioneers of boundless digital creativity. Our passion is to craft exceptional gaming experiences that transcend screens and headsets, leaving a lasting impact on players. We excel in various domains, from mobile game development that redefines entertainment on the go, to immersive Virtual Reality games that transport players to new dimensions. With a rich portfolio of excellence, our commitment to quality is unwavering. Beyond gaming, we’ve ventured into unique virtual event projects, connecting people worldwide in unforgettable, immersive gatherings. As your dedicated partner, we bring your digital dreams to life, shaping the future of interactive entertainment.”

At NipsApp, we pride ourselves on being a dynamic force in the ever-evolving world of digital experiences. Our team of passionate innovators pushes the boundaries of what’s possible, crafting gaming adventures that captivate audiences of all ages. Our journey is marked by the development of numerous multiplayer games that bring people together, fostering connections and camaraderie. We’ve also ventured into groundbreaking virtual event projects, where we’ve transformed digital gatherings into immersive experiences that showcase the limitless potential of interactive entertainment.

What sets NipsApp apart is not just our impressive portfolio of games and virtual events but also our unwavering dedication to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. With each project, we aim to redefine the boundaries of creativity and technology, ensuring that every experience we create leaves a lasting impression. As your creative partner, we’re here to turn your digital dreams into reality, delivering remarkable experiences that resonate with your audience and shape the future of the digital landscape.”