Virtual Reality Rope Walk

About Virtual Reality Rope Walk

VR Rope Crossing is one of the thrilling and horrifying experience in VR games, this time you will have to walk and balance yourself on a tightrope crossing over tall city buildings with a bar in your hands.

Game Play

Take the walk of your life feeling the tension of the rope under your feet when your heart starts to beat even faster when crossing over city buildings.

Rope Crossing City View VR is a breathtaking tightrope simulator that puts you directly into one of the most dangerous activities known. Just hold your breath and start the walks over the skies!

Just imagine that you are a tightrope walker walking on a rope resisting the winds which are pushing you left or right to make you fall.It will be entirely different experience when you wear HTC vive or Rift .

About Nipsapp

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Take a look at the game features 


Stunning HD Graphics


Virtual Reality


HTC Vive


Oculus Rift






Motion Sensor


These are the technologies that we used in this project