Virtual Reality Treasure Hunt

About Virtual Reality Treasure Hunt – Multiplayer

This multiplayer virtual reality Treasure Hunt game in which each person  attempts to be first in finding something that has been hidden, using written directions or clues in a Stunning Egyptian Theme.Check out our Virtual Reality Treasure Hunt  on the Oculus Quest made for Fun’Mania VR arcade , USA. All copyrights to FunMania.

Game Play

Treasure Hunter Simulator gives you a chance to explore the Cursed Egyptian Place called Hamunaptra.On  Each level players have to collect maximum number of Gems and Treasure before the Timer ends. There are 10 levels with lot of Horrifying scenes.

About NipsApp

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Take a look at the game features 


Multiplayer up to 8 players in one time


Zero Latency


Full Body Avatar


Motion Detection


Stunning HD Graphics


Oculus Quest




These are the technologies that we used in this project