VR Lazer Tag

VR Lazer Tag – Multiplayer

Our Virtual Reality Lazer tag creates an untethered VR experience that could be the next big thing for the Oculus Quest and VR. This is made by NipsApp for a VR arcade named FunMania, USA.All copyrights to FunMania.

Game Play

The concept of VR lazer tag isn’t new; Zero Latency has been prominent among numerous companies that have been coming out with laser tag games in VR Spaces. Yet most games have been limited to 6 players, while NipsApp Lazer tag supports a complex battle between an impressive 20 players. This is a Unbelievable experience with a Stunning graphics and Swift movements. This game is made for 10 x 6 Meter Arena . The strategy of this game is to shoot all the opponent members and take the flag for a ultimate win.

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Virtual Reality Game Development

Virtual Reality game development/gaming or VR gaming for short became a booming concept right from the very start of the previous decade and is still gaining popularity as we speak.

Virtual Reality is the use of technology to create an artificial three-dimensional simulation of an environment in, which unlike traditional simulations where you view the simulation on a screen, virtual reality places the user inside it; Here the participant can use their visionary senses, touch and sound to fully interact with what’s around them to the point where they can manipulate and explore what’s around them. Users see one’s surrounding from their perspective, which shifts accordingly as they move by the real-time processing of head and eye positions by the VR system.

The thrill of playing a game can be enhanced, putting the players in a truly immersive 3-D gaming environment. Players can use various Virtual Reality gaming equipment such as headsets, gloves and controllers to experience the games in their perspective which is vastly different when compared to staring at a screen. 



Take a look at the game features 


Chose wide variety of characters as avatars




Zero Latency


Full Body Avatar


Motion Detection


Team Selection- Blue team & Red team


Oculus Quest




These are the technologies that we used in this project