Virtual reality Alcatraz Escape 

About – Virtual reality Alcatraz Escape : Multiplayer

Escape rooms work beautifully in VR, adding elements that would be impossible in real life while maintaining that essential sense of urgency and anxiety! Check out our Virtual reality Alcatraz Escape rooms on the Oculus Quest made for Fun’Mania VR arcade , USA. All copyrights to FunMania.

Game Play

The VR Alcatraz Escape is a Virtual Reality Escape Game in which you will explore 10 different rooms to figure out how to escape from the Alcatraz Prison.

This adventure is specifically designed for VR and focuses on the immersion of the player, without needing any prior VR experience. Once you hear the tutorial explaining you the situation in more depth, you will quickly feel transported in a whole new world.

This game is a Multiplayer game with arena size of 5×5 meter .


Take a look at the game features 


Multiplayer up to 8 players in one time


Zero Latency


Full Body Avatar


Motion Detection


Stunning HD Graphics


Oculus Quest



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