Unreal Engine Virtual Reality Spa Walkabout

About-Unreal Engine Virtual Reality Spa Walkabout

For PixMax 5k VR headset. This is a Balcony with city view made with Unreal Engine. NipsApp VR’s high-end virtual reality WalkAbout & RealEstate experience, completely immersing the user in their new home. 


We specialise in creating cutting edge VR and AR experiences for off plan developments. Working with some of USA’s leading architectural firms we help to cross the gap between traditional architectural software and practices with new immersive VR, AR and game engine driven content. Our unique blend of game developers, architects, 3D modellers and designs mean that we can assist you in providing your clients with a wide range of immersive, engaging and interactive 3D/VR/AR experiences to help them visualise and ‘feel’ their planned development. We’ll work with your in-house team to help bring your designs and hard work to a (virtual) reality.

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