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About Ludo Royale – Video Calling

Step into a vibrant world of classic board gaming with a modern twist – introducing Ludo Royale! Experience the ultimate online multiplayer Ludo game that brings friends and family together, no matter the distance. Engage in exciting matches, strategic gameplay, and stay connected with loved ones through integrated video chat, voice chat, and real-time text messaging. Elevate your Ludo experience and become a true Ludo champion!

Game Play

🔒 Private Room Invitation: Set up private rooms with customized rule settings and invite friends through personalized invitations. Play in a secure environment with your chosen companions.

🌐 Online Multiplayer Mode: Challenge players from around the globe or invite your friends and family to exhilarating Ludo matches. Dominate the board and prove your strategic prowess.

📹 Video Chat: Bridge the gap between miles by engaging in face-to-face conversations during gameplay. Share your excitement, laughter, and reactions as if you were sitting across the same table.(only for 2-player mode)

🎤 Voice Chat: Communicate seamlessly with opponents and allies alike using our built-in voice chat feature. Coordinate your moves, strategize, and celebrate your victories together!

💬 Real-time Text Messaging: Send quick messages to your opponents in the heat of the game. Discuss strategies, exchange playful banter, and keep the fun going with interactive text messaging.

🏆 Tournaments and Challenges: Rise through the ranks by participating in thrilling tournaments and challenging quests. Earn exclusive rewards and show off your Ludo skills to the world.

🎨 3d themes: Bored with old school 2d themes?, dont worry this ludo will give you fantastic 3d experince.

🤖 Smart AI Opponents: Sharpen your skills offline against intelligent AI opponents. Practice your strategies and prepare for competitive online matches.

Join the Ludo Royale community today and immerse yourself in an unparalleled gaming experience that combines classic gameplay with cutting-edge features. Download now and enjoy endless hours of laughter, competition, and connection!

Don’t miss out on the fun – install Ludo Royale now and embark on a journey of dice-rolling excitement like never before. Roll, chat, and conquer the board in style!


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Private Room Invitation


Online Multiplayer Mode


Video Chat


Voice Chat


Real-time Text Messaging


Tournaments and Challenges


3d themes


Smart AI Opponents


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