Farm & Factory Village – Farm Game iOS


Due to high quality in graphics, this game ONLY SUPPORT IPAD3,IPAD4,IPAD air,IPHONE4s,IPHONE 5,IPHONE 5s,IPHONE6,IPHONE6plus and IPHONE5c
Do you ever wonder that what it will be to live country side, away from the hustle and bustle of the city life?
Then our farm game, “Farm and Factory Village” will be the perfect app to live that dream. It will be fun and adventurous to know how to farm, maintain live stock, being a farmer and live peacefully with nature.
But this is not at all jail you to a village atmosphere. We made a wonderful twist especially for the city lovers. Fight with your neighbor, beat them with zombies and get lots of coins to purchase awesome decorative items. Howz it???!!
There will be urbanization savor to it. You can set up different factories to produce different goods like textile factory, mines to get jewels, gold etc. Feed live stocks for their products, grow plantations for fruits, sell your products, build up your home and court yard.
Sounds nice, isn’t it?
So get ready to visit mind boggling adventure of country side with a hi-tech bend..!!!

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6Plus Support
Special features
• Farming
• Maintain live stock
• Plenty of factories to make different Products
• Offline game play, you don’t even need to be online for playing this game.
• Set up automobile factory and gadget factory
• Create zombies…!!!!
• Set up production factories.
• Plantation of vegetables and fruits
• Live stock products.

Farm Game

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