Augmented reality

Augmented reality began as an ideology from the reels of Hollywood; A futuristic technology that would revolutionise the visual perception in digital content. What began as an idea soon became an innovation, that steamrolled into becoming one of the most anticipated technologies of the decade as the costs of developing applications in the fields of AR has decreased substantially to the point where developers could use the technology of Augmented reality in miniature devices such as smartphones.

Gaming is a technologically advanced industry that is continuously growing, adapting to changes and advancements while providing new technologies and methods to capture the attention of gamers from all around the globe.

What is Augmented Reality in gaming?
Augmented reality is the concept of superimposing images that are computer generated onto the screen of the player. The computer-generated images are added on top of the real-world images captured through ones’ camera, which the player is living in. This creates a gaming environment using the player’s surrounding, providing one with a new perspective due to this interaction. Augmented reality is commonly misinterpreted with Virtual reality, due to both of them having certain similarities, but unlike Augmented reality, virtual reality creates an entire simulation which acts as the playable environment for the user.
The introduction of Augmented Reality to gaming has opened a new chapter in the area of mobile gaming. This new feature added extra sophistication to allow gamers to be more interactive and personal with the game, giving a sense of individualised unique pleasure. Developers such as Niantic revolutionised the AR industry with their games that made millions of players stumble around in the real world for virtual rewards.
The information required to construct the playing field is collected through various components in the users’ smartphone such as GPS, gyroscopes, accelerometers, compasses and cameras. The handheld displays of a typical smartphone are capable of providing the player with a seamlessly combined image of both real and computer-generated imagery. Augmented Reality creates almost endless possibilities in gaming.

Our experience in Augmented Reality.
We at Nipsapp Gaming Software Private Limited have the experience of developing multiple applications in the field of augmented reality. Games such as Home Zombies and AR Basketball are all high-quality games developed by our studio, these immersive games are packed with tons of content that will provide countless hours of playtime.
Home zombies is an action game that is packed with adrenaline-pumping moments of pure entertainment. Use your device to shoot zombies in your surroundings with hundreds of missions and guns and even better- HD graphics. The app supports all devices, mobiles and tablets.

AR Basket Ball is an innovative sports game where the player has to show their skills, speed, moves and shoot for the basket. It has many modes such as Arcade, Timeline and Moving Hoop mode.
Both games are completely free to play and are packed with hours and hours of addictive gameplay. It is available on both the Android Playstore and Apple Appstore.

We have even developed AR-based models for leading military establishments such as the IGG corporation in Abu Dhabi. These are working AR Models of the military establishment which can be easily viewed through one’s device.
An skill based AR simulated Emirates Flight, which the user can simulate to take off and land respectively.
Children’s Rhymes and business cards based on augmented reality where users can see sequences of AR-based media related to one’s preference, yes, we have done it all.

Join with us and experience the world of AR technology.