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NipsApp Mobile Application Development Company in India – A One stop solution for game graphics, source codes,Video Animation,Animated movie/cartoon making and re-skinning services.



NipsApp Gaming Software Private Limited is a mobile application development company in India which provides numerous services and products for game and app developers. The company creates top-tier graphics for games, while also offering clients Source Code for its Apps & Games to build their own with ease. NipsApp also provides re-skinning services to make the mobile application development process even simpler.

NipsApp’s online inventory includes 50 iOS Games and 40 Android Games, numerous Apps for both iOS and Android, and more! Among selections: Jungle Kid Adventure Run, Mega Casino Slotter, Xtreme Neon Matching Mania, Angry SlingShot Dead Zombies, Super Commando Ops and Monster vs Zombies.

In addition, NipsApp’s reskinning allows clients to earn their own profits in no time. Mobile application development from the ground up is always a tedious and costly job. App re-skinning is the only choice if you are frustrated with the development process. No longer do you need to be an expert programmer. Simply get your template, re-skin it and make your venture more profitable.

Each iPhone and Android app and game template at NipsApp is pre-installed with an ad library optimized for a 100% fill rate. These technically designed templates can form a highly productive app for the programmer and benefit from traditional marketing mediums. NipsApp provides a complete platform for mobile application development at affordable prices by providing source codes and re-skinning it.

Reskinning services also include: complete re-theming of all graphics, new icon and screenshots, and graphics integrated into code for you. All are optimized and tested for iPhone (version 5 & earlier) and iPad.

NipsApp is selling re-skinned games for those who need cost effective game development. We have numerous games for android and iOS devices. We will help you in forming high productive gaming apps that will provide you with excellent benefits from common marketing platforms.


02-copy is now offering a very great and beneficial opportunity to make money easily through game development. The company is helping the game fanatics and startup programmers in a great way by allowing them to share efficient and interesting source code and make money through reskinned games. According to the company, it has a wide and established network of clients globally who regularly purchase and deal with various game source codes. The beginner gamers and programmers can connect with the company and show their real potential regarding source coding and earn decent amount of money in their spare time. The company is promising to make the deserving source codes sellable to its own network of potential customers. assures the gamers and programmers that their source codes will be introduced among top companies seeking new source codes for different enticing games. In line with the company, it will be a great experience for passionate gamers to play new and exciting games and earn money using the same. The company says that it remains active 24×7 and the purchasing procedure goes on round the clock and hence gamers can expect a good revenue through their source code trading online with NipsApp. The company mentions that it deals with game design, game graphics and other reskin game development and therefore it never faces any shortage of customers and declination in sales.

Nipsapp is an established and appreciated game development company which deals with every possible aspect regarding game development. The company is highly trusted by many game source code and other gaming stuff buyers. The company encourages the passionate gamers and new programmers to share the gaming source codes and enjoy the latest games along with making decent money in free time.



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About NipsApp Founder & CEO Nipin P N 

As CEO of NipsApp Gaming Software, founder Nipin P N offers extensive experience with mobile application development (iOS and Android), including a decade working with object-oriented design, data structures, algorithm design, problem solving and complexity analysis; and seven years with Git, MySQL, XML, JSON and Web Services.

His Team has built numerous web and native apps, utilized such social media APIs as Facebook and Twitter, understands ads integration using 3rd party ad serves (DART) and exceptional debugging and optimisation skills.

In addition, his highly dedicated team is savvy with Xcode, iOS SDK (UIKit, Cocoa Touch, Core Data, Core Location and the like), Android APIs and Frameworks. Further, pin P N has expertise in OO design and programming skills in Java (J2EE/ J2ME), as well as Java, C/C++, & Swing, SQLite, MySQL and Eclipse, among many others.

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