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Back in 2007, just before the launch of the first iPhone, few people could have predicted the huge impact smartphones and tablets would have on the videogame industry. Back then the PS3 and Xbox 360 had recently launched and – apart from Nintendo’s success with the DS – videogaming was still considered a living room activity, dominated by big budget ‘Triple A’ console titles and a demographic heavily skewed toward young males. But now – just a few years later – the traditional console market is struggling to maintain revenue growth and many believe the future of gaming lies in the massive (and growing) smartphone and tablet market

Building an app from the ground up is always a tedious and costliest job. App re-skinning is the only choice if you are frustrated with the entire development process. You don’t want to be an expert programmer anymore; get your template, re-skin it and make your venture more profitable.We are selling source codes of different iPhone and android apps and games. Each template is pre-installed with an ad library optimised for a 100% fill rate. These technically designed templates can form a highly productive app to the programmer and can benefit from the usual marketing mediums.Nipsapp forms a complete platform for developing your dream app at cheap prices by providing source codes and re-skinning it.

  • Complete re-theme of all graphics
  • New icon & screenshots
  • Graphics integrated into code for you
  • Optimized & tested for iPhone (version 5 & earlier) & iPad














If you are looking for profitable ways to reskin gaming apps, we’ve got you covered. In fact, NipsApp is a leading gaming software company that offers excellent products and services for app and game developers out there. Reskin of games is actually a profitable investment but just make sure that you’re with the right company




NipsApp also offers tried and tested reskinning services to those who need cost effective game development strategies that are significantly made simpler for users. We actually have numerous games for android and iOS devices.













Our team actually understands that it is not an easy job to build an app or even the reskin of games.With that, we are currently providing cost effective solutions to help clients if they want to reskin gaming apps. As a matter of fact, game re-skinning is important when it comes to development process frustrations. We also offer game reskinning packages in order for us to meet your exact requirements.



How We Work? We can completely re-theme all the graphics in the game app and provide new icons as well as screenshots in order to efficiently integrate the graphics into codes. We can also test and optimize apps for iPad and iPhone. NipsApp is actually your reliable service provider when it comes to app marketing and everything needed to develop quality apps. Reskinning games needs experienced and proven techniques in order to achieve game development goals. If you have questions about re-skinning games, we can help you with that. In fact, we can show you how to successfully build an ideal app for your gaming needs. At NipsApp, the goal of our company is to offer relevant, in-depth content which you can efficiently use in kick starting your app development business. Our very essence is to give you great value in your reskin needs. We even have free information for real-life testing with results and in-depth explanation of common issues encountered in the development of apps. Let us help you make your re-skinning process easier and more enjoyable with our cost effective and creative solutions. Please feel free to contact us today and get free quotes. Create an ultimately stunning app with NipsApp


Why Choose Us?

Using our game re-skinning services, you can effectively earn profits in an easy manner. Since building a gaming app is costly and tedious at the same time, our experts at NipsApp will help you in getting the best reskin method that you need. Once you are discouraged with the game development process, you can turn to reskinning method. Even if you’re not a professional programmer or new at this, by just getting a template, you can make sure that you will earn money from this venture. We have technically-designed templates that will assist you in forming highly-productive gaming app that will provide you with excellent benefits from common marketing platforms. Re-skinning is the way to go once you get frustrated however you need to understand that you have to ensure quality and effective reskinning solutions available in the market.

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